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The cost-effective high-performance small drill
CrazyDrill is a synonymous for maximum drill performance. CrazyDrill has been specially developed for the high-volume production of precision parts (e.g. on transfer systems). Different versions in the diameter range
0.1 to 6.0 mm (.004" – .24") are available from stock, and special sizes can be supplied on request.

  • CrazyDrill Steel
    • Spectacular drilling
      Under the CrazyDrill Steel brand, this high performance small drill offers truly spectacular drilling results. Even at high drilling speeds, the finished holes are outstanding! Impressive feed data is achieved thanks to the innovative cutting geometry by combined high cutting speed.

      CrazyDrill enables the drilling of small holes to be done at a high level of accuracy and performance. Using CrazyDrills, users can considerably improve productivity and achieve process repeatability.

      This high-performance small drill for steel is available from stock, in diameters 0.4 – 6.0 mm (.016" – .24") in increments of 0.05 mm (.002") and of 0.1 mm (.004") above 4 mm (.16") diameter, with a standard drill length of up to 4 x d or 7 x d.

  • CrazyDrill SST-Inox
    • Solid carbide drill for stainless and super alloys

      With CrazyDrill SST-Inox Mikron Tool offers a tool for efficient and quick drilling of stainless steel and super alloys in the diameter range from 0,3 – 2 mm (.0118" – .0787").

      Two exclusive solutions for drilling up to 8 x d are available:
      CrazyDrill Inox Type IN for drilling with external cooling
      CrazyDrill Inox Type IK for drilling with internal cooling


      • Drill point geometry especially developed for stainless steel and super alloys
      • Digressive flute
      • Robust solid carbide shaft, with integrated cooling channels for
        CrazyDrill SSt-Inox Type IK
      • Solid carbide with high breakage ductility and exceptional thermal shock resistance
      • Abrasion and heat resistant high-performance coating

      Performance characteristics

      • Up to 10 times faster thanks to more speed and higher feed rate*
      • Up to 15 times longer tool life due to special carbide, high-performance coating and through coolant*
      • Higher process reliability and productivity thanks to short chips and quick chip evacuation*
      • Up to 2/3 lower production costs*

      *The comparison takes into consideration the tools available on the market for stainless and acid-resistant alloys and the drilling parameters recommended by the producer.

  • CrazyDrill Alu
    • For aluminum die-castings and wrought alloys
      This CrazyDrill for aluminum die-castings and wrought alloys has achieved exceptional results.

      The main features

      • Faster drilling speeds
      • Higher drill accuracy and better surface finish
      • Longer tool life
      • No previous centering or pilot hole necessary
      • Maximum chip evacuation
      • Suitable for all types of aluminum
      • Depths up to 10 x d
      • Process repeatability and productivity are considerably increased.

      CrazyDrill Alu is available from stock, in diameters 0.4 – 3.0 mm (.016" – .12") in increments of 0.05 mm (.002") and with a standard drill length of up to 5 x d or 10 x d. Special versions are available up to 30 x d.

  • CrazyDrill Pilot
    • Centering and drilling of pilot holes
      With CrazyDrill Pilot, centering and drilling of a pilot hole up to 2 x d is carried out in a single operation, thereby guaranteeing tight tolerance for the follow-up drilling process. A 90° chamfer is cut at the same time. Diameter ranges and tolerances are matched to the CrazyDrill line, making it suitable for preparing to drill deep holes over
      6 x d in length. Its special high-performance geometry combined with optimum coating increases service life many times over while maintaining constant drilling precision.

      CrazyDrill Pilot is available from stock, in diameters 0.4 – 6.0 mm (.016" – .24") in increments of 0.05 mm (.002") and of 0.1 mm (.004") for diameters above 4 mm (.16"), with a standard chamfering and centring length of 2 x d.

  • CrazyDrill Crosspilot
    • Drilling on inclined surfaces
      Mikron has developed a pilot drill for inclined surfaces, which in many instances provides a perfect pilot hole for subsequent drilling at an angle.

      Centering or direct finish drilling; this does not pose a major problem as long as the tool hits the workpiece at the right cutting angle. If the surfaces are curved or the drilling is applied at an angle, it becomes more difficult. In this case precise machining becomes a challenging task due to the resultant forces. The pilot drill CrazyDrill Crosspilot has been developed to meet such challenges.

      In fact it can be used effectively for cutting angles with an inclination up to 60°. It thus replaces the three machining steps (flat milling + centering + drilling) that have been required to date with just two operations (pilot drilling + drilling).

      The 170° point angle guarantees correct piloting for the subsequent drilling and prevents breakage of the cutting edges. Using a CrazyDrill for the execution of the subsequent hole ensures that no gauged step is recognizable.

      The product range is matched to the existing CrazyDrill product lines. Diameters from 0.4 mm to 6.0 mm
      (.016" – .24") are available from stock with increments of 0.05 mm (.002").

  • CrazyDrill Cool
    • Internal cooling for challenging operations
      CrazyDrill Cool is used for all applications requiring deep, accurately drilled holes. In order to cover the entire spectrum from non-ferrous metal to heat-treated steel, it is available either with a specially developed coating or in an uncoated version. The internal cooling system developed by Mikron Tool provides optimum cooling and lubrication at the cutting edge, even with low coolant pressure. The special CrazyDrill cutting edge geometry is designed for optimum chip removal. Pecking is not required up to 10 x d. Compared with a standard deep-hole drill, it achieves advance speeds and feeds 10 to 20 times higher.

      This high performance small drill is available from stock, in diameters 0.75 – 6.0 mm (.03" – .24") in increments of 0.05 mm (.002") and of 0.1 mm (.004") above diameter 4 mm (.16"), with a standard drill length of up to
      6 x d, 10 x d or 15 x d. Special versions are available up to 30 x d.

  • CrazyDrill Cool XL
    • For deep hole drilling
      With CrazyDrill Cool XL, Mikron Tool has developed a brand new deep hole drilling line for depths up to 40 x d and in a diameter range from 1.0 to 6.0mm (.04" – .24"). Due to its design, CrazyDrill Cool XL produces short chips in all materials and in each phase of the drilling process. No undesirable coiling of chips occurs.


      • Solid carbide alloy drill with through tool internal cooling
      • Diameter tolerance k6, matched to the centering program of Mikron Tool
      • Standard lengths 15, 20, 30 and 40 x d
      • Special lengths and special versions upon request

      Five benefits

      • No pecking cycles
      • Short chips (no spiral chips)
      • Maximum drilling speeds
      • Highest positional accuracy
      • Tight diameter accuracy and surface quality
  • CrazyDrill Twicenter
    • Cool centering
      With CrazyDrill Twicenter, two integrated ducts supply the coolant directly to the exact spot where it is needed, right up to the drill's cutting edge. The internal cooling is an advantage, always provided the machine used is equipped for it. No additional external cooling is needed. When drilling – and consequently when centering – in hard-to-reach places, bringing the coolant up to the cutting edge can be quite difficult. Only a precise internal coolant supply solves this problem.

      However, it is not always essential to use internal cooling. It also remains a first-class centre drill for "conventional" applications. A double point ensures greater cutting stability. The tools with 60° or 90° chamfers are combined with a 130° tip angle, which as well as better protection of the cutting edges also guarantees perfect centering for the subsequent drilling operation. The third type with a 120° point angle provides stable performance due to the point angle. The diameters are matched to the existing CrazyDrill line. CrazyDrill Twicenter is available from stock for centering diameters from 0.3 mm to 6 mm (.012" – .24").

  • CrazyDrill Flex
    • Micro drilling: Flexibility and deep holes
      With the new products CrazyDrill Flex and CrazyDrill Flexpilot, Mikron Tool presents a world first. CrazyDrill Flexpilot is used for a precise center hole, while the deep hole is performed with CrazyDrill Flex.

      The products of the micro drill range (d 0.1 mm – 1.2 mm/.004" – .05"), made from newly developed high-grade carbide alloy, are extremely flexible, due to their particular geometry, and thus do not break easily with application of limited lateral forces. This is a great advantage in the event of alignment errors which have to be absorbed by the drill without reducing its service life.

      As well as the benefits described above, the flexible centerpiece guarantees not only elasticity, due to a particular cutting geometry and the carbide alloy with optimized mechanical characteristics, deep hole drilling up to 50 x d can also be carried out.

      In addition to the extraordinary flexibility of the CrazyDrill Flex, it is a perfect tool for deep hole drilling of small holes. CrazyDrill Flex drills deep holes up to 50 x d quickly and precisely. So far, this was only possible with expensive and time-consuming processes like micro-electro erosion or laser technology. Holes with diameters ≥ 0.5 mm were drilled with the slow feeding single flute gun-drill. Thanks to the CrazyDrill Flex, it is feasible from now to drill small, deep holes fast, accurately and cost efficently on machining centers.

      Particular features

      • High cutting speeds for high productivity
      • Low tool consumption for efficient machine utilization
      • Process reliable
      • No coiled chips
      • No cutting edge break-outs
      • Usable with cutting oil, water-based coolant with high-pressure additives and minimum quantity lubrication in the case of materials that are easy to machine
      • Version 50 x d with integrated cooling
      • Two versions available: CrazyDrill Flex Steel for steel, cast iron, aluminum brass; CrazyDrill Flex Titanium for titanium and copper
  • CrazyDrill Special Versions
    • In addition to "standard versions", Mikron Tool can offer on request special versions of all CrazyDrill products:

      • Special lengths
      • Special diameters
      • Special shank diameters
      • Stepped drills
      • Special point angles
      • Special coating