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Customer Services

Combining our three personalized Service Modules - spare parts, maintenance and business support - will ensure continuous development for your technology and expertise.

Mikron Automation's commitment to the customer doesn't end with the installation of the assembly system. Specialists assist customer by providing specific training and production support. In the long term Mikron's After Sales Service supports customers with remote control tools, a reliable service hotline with fast response times and also, of course, with on-site specialists at the customer's plant. Because personal dialogue is still what matters to us - the human touch.

Mikron Customer Service offers three modules, a mix of reactive, preventive and predictive service plans. Together we can design a Service Solution profile, tailored to your individual needs. Each customer is thus assured of receiving exactly the service and support best suited to their system and individual requirements.

A combination of service options from each module improves the productivity of your system.

  • Spare Part Service

    With an impressive range of genuine Mikron parts in stock, your systems will stay at the cutting edge of technology.
    Maintenance operations will be undertaken with speed, ease and reliability .

  • Product Support

    With Mikron Automation, the term "Product Support" means "more".
    It means a helpdesk, remote maintenance, health checks, preventive maintenance, overhaul, updates and fixed-price service agreements.
    Our experts guarantee peace of mind when you need it.

  • Business Support

    We will help you install and make the most effective use of our systems.
    We train your engineers, provide production assistance and improve your processes, which will reduce future costs.
    With Mikron, return on your investment never stops.