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Group Management

The Board of Directors delegates the task of business management of the Mikron Group and its subsidiaries in its entirety to the Group Management. The Group Management comprises the CEO, the CFO and the division heads (COO). The CEO is the Chairman of Group Management and responsible for the executive management of the Mikron Group.

The Group's Organizational Rules set out the rights and duties of the Board of Directors and Group Management and describes in detail how these cooperate.

Members of the Group Management

Bruno CathomenCEO, COO Mikron MachiningCH19672009
Rolf RihsCOO Mikron AutomationCH19632002
Martin BlomCFOCH19712005
  • Bruno Cathomen
    Bruno Cathomen

    CEO, COO Mikron Machining
    Dipl. Ing. ETH

    Bruno Cathomen has assumed office of the CEO of Mikron Group from 1 October 2011, in addition to serving as COO of the Mikron Machining division since October 2009. He spent the eight years before he joined Mikron with Elcoteq Network Corporation, most recently as Vice-President Communications Networks. Prior to this he held a number of posts at ABB.

  • Rolf Rihs
    Rolf Rihs

    COO Mikron Automation
    Dipl. Ing. ETH

    Rolf Rihs took over as COO of the Mikron Automation division in mid-2002, prior to which he worked for the Sulzer Group for eight years in various regions and functions. He was previously a consultant at Helbling Management Consulting, working on numerous projects for well-known Swiss companies.

  • Martin Blom

    Dipl. Wirtschaftsprüfer, Betriebsökonom FH

    Martin Blom became CFO of the Mikron Group on 1 May 2011. He is with Mikron since 2005, latterly as Head of Group Finance & Controlling. From 2004 to 2005 Martin Blom was employed by the Bernese Energy Group BKW FMB. Prior to that, he served and advised national and international companies as lead auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).