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Mission & Values

Our Mission

As a global, leading supplier of high-volume, high-precision machining and automation solutions, we help our customers to achieve and keep the leading position in their business and to increase industrial productivity and quality.

Our Values

  • Skilled and motivated employees

    Our success is founded on skilled, motivated employees who are willing to take responsibility and work together constructively. We overcome technical challenges through lively knowledge-sharing that results in intelligent, innovative, and high-performance production solutions for our customers.

  • Market and customer focus

    We always focus on the needs of our customers, with the aim of establishing and cultivating long-term relationships with them. We excel in a competitive market, offering cost effective and technically optimized solutions for the manufacture of high-precision products in large quantities.

  • Focus on targets and results

    We have well defined, demanding quantitative and qualitative targets and devote all our energies to achieving them. Each individual is aware of the targets – both their own and those of the company – and contributes to their achievement. We monitor progress regularly and initiate the necessary measures should deviations be identified. It goes without saying that we support and help each other.

  • Responsibility and role model function

    We honour common agreements and take responsibility. We see ourselves as ambassadors of Mikron and show respect and loyalty towards our colleagues, customers, and business partners. We talk to each other openly and honestly to keep each other informed.

  • Quality

    For us, quality is all-encompassing. We work independently to the highest level of precision in order to meet all explicit and implicit requirements. We continuously improve our products and processes, and invest in new technology and projects.

  • Confidentiality

    Our employees are informed of key developments regularly by their line managers. Outside the company, we are very careful and restrictive with information, and ensure that only duly authorized people have access to the information.