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Special Cutting Tools

Where machine accuracy is built-in
Our Special Cutting Tools range from centering tools to mills, stepped drills, reamers and finishing tools with diameters from 0.1 to 32 mm (.004" - 1.26"). They are adapted to customer requests and guarantee high precision, process security and profitability:

  • Tolerance range of 1 to 2 ┬Ám.
  • Guaranteed production processes: every production run 100% identical to the previous one.

Our special tools are made of solid carbide and are developed in response to customer requests for precise operations. The best solutions for each case are devised. The operation process is optimized.
Often a single special version can replace several standard tools, and time can therefore be saved. Multiple machining steps are combined, so that the quantity of operations is reduced. Precision improves and time needed to set up the individual tools is saved.

Mikron offers a wide choice of special tools in solid carbide for chip removal operations in a diameter range
of 0.1 to 32 mm (.004" - 1.26"):

  • Twist drills
  • Stepped drills
  • Counter bore tools
  • Broaching tools
  • Centering tools
  • Chamfering tools
  • Reaming and calibration tools
  • Deburring tools
  • Turning tools
  • Grooving tools
  • Turning and inside boring tools
  • End mills and form cutters with continuous profile
  • Special tools for writing industry