Customized Systems Mikron Berlin

With 25 years of experience in delivering custom-made automation solutions, Mikron Berlin has proved its capabilities and expertise in serving and building long-term partnerships with manufacturing customers.

Customized automation solutions starting at 3 seconds cycle times and above for products up to 400 x 400 millimeters in size.

This system is particularly well suited to applications for assembling small and medium-sized products and where assembly machinery must take up as little space as possible.

  • Servo or electromechanical controlled
  • Lean, modular solution concepts for a wide range of processes
  • As a stand-alone solution or together with linear transfer cells or robotic assembly systems
  • Good accessibility with station set-up from inside and outside
  • Option of integrating manual workstations
  • Output: 15 cycles per minute

Linear transfer systems are used for assembly, testing and inspection of medium- to large-sized components, and in particular when a deep vertical range of manufacture is required.

  • Basic structure consists of autonomous, stand-alone cells
  • The fixture pallets are moved through the series-arranged processing stations by means of a continuously driven or indexed conveyor belt.
  • Extendable line group for a high degree of vertical integration
  • Parallel connection of stations should it be necessary to double up
  • Modular structure for subsequent regrouping of cells
  • Manual workstations can be integrated
  • Dimensions of pallets: 100 x 100 mm to 400 x 400 mm
  • Output: 15 cycles per minute

For partial automation of assembly sequences involving complex processes or small production series.

  • Combination of automated assembly systems and manual workstations
  • Minimum initial investment
  • Flexible expansion/extension possible at any time
  • One or more operators
  • Transport and logistics operate either manually or by transfer system
  • Easy integration into a fully automated system
  • Optimized ergonomics for each individual workstation

Robots can be used for a high level of flexibility in various production environments:

  • Robotic assembly offers precision with a wide range of options
  • Incorporation of your special processes (laser welding, forming, metal-cutting machinery)
  • Execution in a space-saving cell or as a robot on the 7th axis for linking systems and as a group of cells
  • Highly autonomous palletizer robots for system loading

  • Compact cell concept for loading and unloading production lines, particularly for the electronics industry
  • Wafer handling in clean room conditions
  • Incorporation of your specific testing processes
  • Enhancements for multiple loading with a modular cell concept

Scalable semi-automatic concepts to invest as needed and follow market demands.

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