Mikron Strategy

The Mikron Group develops, produces and markets automation and machining systems that enable extremely precise and productive manufacturing processes. Rooted in the Swiss culture of innovation, the Group is a leading global partner to companies in the automotive, pharmaceutical, medtech, consumer goods, writing instruments and watchmaking industries. The two divisions, Mikron Automation and Mikron Machining, are based in Switzerland (Boudry and Agno). The company has additional production facilities in Germany, Singapore, China and the US. The 1,250 employees of the Mikron Group can draw on over 100 years of experience in the production of high-precision systems for large-series product manufacture. With its innovative products, our companies work towards becoming the employer of choice for technical jobs.  

Led by the vision of “creating value with passion for precision” and Mikron’s mission statement, the Board of Directors periodically reviews the Group’s strategy.  In December 2016, the Board approved the budget for the year 2017. A new mid-term plan spanning the years 2018 to 2020 will be developed by the end of 2017. Unchanged from the targets communicated in the last few years, the Board of Directors expects the Mikron Group to improve profitability to an EBIT margin of 5–7%, while growing sales in the magnitude of 5% annually on average.


Six values guide Mikron’s management and staff: skilled and motivated employees, market and customer focus, focus on targets and results, responsibility and role model function, quality and confidentiality. These values serve as a common basis on which we do business and develop the company and our people. For more information see Mission & Values.

The strategy of Mikron Automation aims to provide customers with the highest performance assembly and test solutions and to support these customers in ramping up, optimizing and maintaining production capacity throughout the life cycle. As the partner of choice for global blue-chip customers from the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, it aims to maintain its leadership position in Europe, to strengthen the footprint in Asia and grow at a disproportionately high rate in the US. Other customer segments such as the automotive industry, consumer goods and electronics are expected to contribute to the growth. Competing against a significant number of smaller and a few larger competitors, Mikron Automation is in pole position thanks to its platform-based assembly concepts supported by fully customized automation and its technical expertise in engineering innovative solutions and compelling value propositions. Aligned processes and world-class project execution enable the Automation business segment to master projects across several sites and thus also deliver projects worth up to CHF 20 million.


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The strategic objectives of Mikron Machining are to strengthen its leadership position in the transfer machining niche, expand the service business by introducing additional services and addressing the whole installed machine base, and grow the cutting tool business – primarily its standardized "CRAZY" family products. As an innovative technology leader, the Machining business segment plans to introduce to the market at least one newly developed high-end cutting tool every year and a new or significantly improved base machine every two to three years. Delivering machining solutions and cutting tools to different customer segments globally is an important driver for further growth, while the automotive industry is expected to remain the dominant customer segment. In its niche, Mikron Machining competes mainly against other transfer machine, transfer center and multispindle machining center manufacturers. We want our customers to recognize Mikron Machining as an international solution provider with the capability to adapt its innovative products quickly to specific needs and to execute projects efficiently with globally aligned key processes.


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