Mikron Polyfeed

Component feeding is one of the major factors in product assembly efficiency. In order to feed difficult parts or to handle multiple variants, Mikron has the solution: Polyfeed - a highly flexible feeding system.

You can count on it for unmatched flexibility, short delivery time, reusability and speed. Mikron Polyfeed is a flexible feeding system based on the use of visual recognition and vertical vibration systems to identify parts in their various forms and positions. The feeding speed can reach 80 parts/min, depending on component design, with component sizes from 1 to 50 mm cube size.

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From chaos to order in 5 steps

  1. Two different parts can be loaded in bulk into the buffer
  2. Parts drop by vibration from buffer onto a selection plate
  3. The selection plate is vibrated at specific frequencies and amplitudes to agitate the components.
  4. A vision system inspects the components on the selection plate and identifies which are laying in a position suitable for being picked. The coordinates are sent to the 4-axis robot.
  5. The robot picks all identified components placing them in the proper orientation to a part nest. Operations are repeated alternately on two selection plates to ensure a non stop feeding.

Pre-orientation of the components

The selection plate, designed to optimize the number of good pickable parts