Corporate Structure

Based in Biel, Mikron Holding AG is organized as a holding company under Swiss law and directly or indirectly holds all Mikron companies worldwide. Mikron Holding AG is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich (Security Symbol MIKN/ISIN CH0003390066).

The Mikron Group is organized by divisions. For the purposes of reporting, two business segments and the Corporate Service organization have been identified. The segments are structured according to product and service type and encompass all the functions required by an independent company, such as sales, development, production, logistics and administration. Corporate Service supports the individual companies as well as the Board of Directors and Group Management in their management and control functions.


Dr. Javier Perez Freije

Mikron Switzerland AG, Langenthal
Corporate Services

Güterstrasse 20
CH-4900 Langenthal

Phone +41 91 610 62 09
Fax +41 91 610 66 72

Organigramm Mikron Group