Mikron’s global footprint allows for a wide range of job opportunities in a variety of positions. Which one is right for you?

Jobs match your criteria

Job Title Country Site Group/Division Function Share
Projektmonteur/Inbetriebnehmer (m/w/d) Germany Berlin Automation Manufacturing
Projektmanager (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Engineering
Finanzbuchhalter (m/w/d) Germany Berlin Automation Administration/Backoffice
Vertriebsingenieur im Innendienst für die technische Angebotserstellung (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Administration/Backoffice Sales/Marketing
Vertriebstechniker für Präzisionsschneidwerkzeuge – Region Nordbayern (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Tool Sales/Marketing
Auszubildender zur Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Other
Auszubildender zum Technischen Produktdesigner (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Construction/Mechanics
Ingenieur / Techniker für Softwarekonstruktion und Inbetriebnahme (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Engineering
Field Service Technician for after-sales department (m/f) USA Monroe Machining Engineering
Mechanical Draftsman (m/f) Singapore Singapore Automation Engineering
Sales Coordinator Mercato Cinese (m/f) Switzerland Agno Machining Engineering Sales/Marketing
Mechatroniker / Elektroniker (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Servicetechniker Applikation (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Area Sales Manager (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Sales/Marketing
Auszubildenden zum Mechatroniker (m/w/d) Germany Berlin Automation Other
CAD-PDM Administrator (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Information Technology/IT
Werkstudenten (m/w) Germany Berlin Automation Other
Servicetechniker – Steuerung (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Servicetechniker – Mechanik (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Validation Engineer (m/f) Singapore Singapore Automation Engineering
Auszubildenden (m/w/d) zum Präzisionswerkzeugmechaniker Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Auszubildenden (m/w/d) zum Mechatroniker Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Konstrukteur – Forschung und Entwicklung (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Construction/Mechanics
Junior Elektrokonstrukteur (m/w) / Senior Elektrokonstrukteur (m/w) Germany Berlin Automation Construction/Mechanics
Konstrukteur – Mechanik (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Construction/Mechanics
Programmatore /Collaudatore Elettronico (m/f) Switzerland Agno Machining Information Technology/IT
Servicetechniker – Mechanik (m/w) Germany Berlin Automation Construction/Mechanics
Servicetechniker – Steuerung (m/w) Germany Berlin Other
Senior-Projektmanager (m/w) Germany Berlin Automation Other
Monteur für die Modulmontage (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Electrical Technician Specialist (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering Manufacturing Other
Manufacturing Methodology Employee (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering Manufacturing Other
Monteur für die Projektmontage (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Manufacturing
Controls Engineer Customer Service (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Information Technology/IT Engineering
Validation Engineer (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering
Anwendungstechniker für die Inbetriebnahme von Rundtaktmaschinen (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Sales/Marketing
Spécialiste en vision industrielle (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering
Senior-Konstrukteur (m/w) Germany Berlin Construction/Mechanics
Rettificatori utensili (m/f/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Tool Manufacturing
Zerspanungsmechaniker für Präzisionsschneidwerkzeuge (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Tool Manufacturing
Controls Engineer Leader (m/w) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering
Engineer/Technician for software construction and commissioning (m/f/d) Germany Rottweil Machining Information Technology/IT
Werkstudenten Tätigkeiten sowie studienrelevante Praktika (Praxissemester) Germany Rottweil Machining
Cutting Tool Specialist (m/f) USA Monroe Machining
Ingénieur en Informatique Industrielle (m/f) Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering
Bachelorthesis und Masterthesis (m/w/d) Germany Rottweil Machining
Nachwuchs-Ingenieure m/w Switzerland Agno Machining Information Technology/IT
Monteurs, metteurs au point Switzerland Boudry Automation Construction/Mechanics
Applications Engineer – Technical Sales Support m/f Switzerland Boudry Automation Sales/Marketing
Ingénieur Constructeur m/f Switzerland Boudry Automation Engineering

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