October 03, 2018

Following on from the ATX West and East fairs, the G05 assembly platform, with new fully integrated features and technologies, continues its roadshow at the upcoming PackExpo and Assembly events in Chicago.

Visitors will be able to see three key innovations for the G05 platform: a fully programmable pallet positioning and motion control system based on the Rockwell Automation® MagneMotion® solution, a 4-axis Gantry robot, and a servo-driven pick & place module. These innovations, coupled with the robust, proven attributes of the G05 platform will provide a highly flexible and scalable set of configuration tools that can handle even the toughest assembly applications.

Scalable and flexible solutions
For the past 40 years, Mikron's assembly platforms have proven to be a workhorse for some of the most challenging high-performance assembly applications. A key element of their success is that standard G05 building blocks can be easily and efficiently configured to support a wide range of assembly applications. The G05 will retain its current cam-driven features, being further enhanced by these state-of-the-art programmable servo-driven technologies to provide maximum value to customers.

Brief profile of Mikron Automation
Mikron Automation is the partner for scalable and customized assembly systems - from the first idea to the highest performance solutions. Mikron's expertise and proven track record guarantees the most productive solution to assemble customers' products for each stage of its life cycle. Mikron Automation is headquartered in Boudry (Neuchâtel), in a region that is regarded as the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry. To date, Mikron Automation has installed more than 3,500 assembly and testing systems worldwide. Its international customers operate in the following industries: pharma/medtech, automotive supply, electrical/electronics, consumer goods and construction/building. Mikron Automation employs around 620 people at its sites in Boudry (Switzerland, headquarters), Berlin (Germany), Denver (USA), Singapore and Shanghai (China).

Mikron Corporation Denver, Mike Gunner, General Manager
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