The era of the founders and pioneers

Maschinenfabrik Mikron AG was founded in the Swiss town of Biel in 1908. In the first half of the last century, Mikron played a key role in the industrialization of the Swiss watchmaking industry with its gear-cutting machines and tools.


Expansion and diversification

From 1960 onwards, Mikron gradually expanded its activities into new areas, such as milling machines, plastic components, and machining systems.

1986 – 1996


In 1986 Mikron acquired Albe SA of Agno, Switzerland, together with its sales branch in Tokyo, Japan. This was a step towards strategic growth which made Mikron the world's most important manufacturer of machining systems in a specific application area.


The boom – and a reorientation

With modern management and a contemporary range, Mikron was nevertheless heavily dependent on its customers' scope for investment, so it aimed to add more balance to its portfolio. As a visible sign of this change, Mikron introduced its current corporate design.


New prospects

The global economic crisis and the strong Swiss franc required adjusted structures and processes. The divisions and companies respond to this challenge by increasing productivity and expanding their activities both in Asia and in the area of cutting tools. Mikron celebrates its 100. anniversary.

2017 - 2020


All 3 Divisions did strengthen their position by diversification into various markets and extending the offering. At the same time, the global footprint was adjusted to better reflect growth potentials, the foundation for higher profitability.

2021 – today

New Branding and Corporate Design

Exploiting the strengths of Mikron with passion for precision in selected niche markets, the Group targets a profitable growth. Adjusted branding, modernized values and a common vision reflect important pillars.