Parts assembly solutions for the Automotive industry

Adaptive manufacturing solutions for a dynamic automotive industry are key. The automated assembling of automobile components massively reduces costs, time and errors in the manufacturing process and strengthens your competitiveness.

Automobile manufacturers are continuously developing their vehicles to differentiate themselves from other car manufacturers – by adapting to the needs of the market such as offering better performance, more comfort and increased safety.

Mikron’s scalable, modular automotive parts assembly solutions together with complex process integration are our response to a rapidly and dynamically changing automotive industry.

Our agile methodology allows us to meet the rapidly changing demands of the automotive industry, while our manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic cells allows you to invest in the appropriate scaling up assembly solutions according to your project demands.

Customized turnkey solutions for the assembly of automotive components

We work in close partnership with our automotive clients worldwide. By listening and combining your requirements with our expertise in assembly automation, process planning and integration, we help you deploy effective and efficient production solutions.

Our main goal is to achieve the best solution for your assembly of Tier 1 automotive components while ensuring process reliable production with the highest demands of quality. For this purpose, our engineers build customized assembly solutions integrating the latest machine vision technology and advanced robotics.

Such turnkey solutions will benefit your company best since they help build exactly the automotive components you need with the high quality and flexibility you expect. Whether it's an airbag micro-gas generator, a dashboard motor, or fuel injector, we have the expertise to provide effective automation solutions for a wide range of automotive components.

No matter how complex your requirements for manufacturing customized automotive components and assemblies – through adaptable, modular and automated production processes we pave your way to sustainable success in the automotive industry!

Get in touch with us to discover how Mikron's scalable and modular assembly solutions can improve your automotive manufacturing process.