Low volume medical device assembly

Mikron MAIA is a low volume assembly and test platform to produce single or multiple variants of pen, auto-injectors or safety syringes with manual component loading.

Typically, our pharmaceutical and medtech customers use MAIA for clinical studies and low commercial quantities before producing them on a larger scale for  serial production.

With advanced automation and smart technology, our platform MAIA streamlines key assembly processes while ensuring quality and data collection. It also does not require compressed air and is 100% servo-controlled.

Mikron MAIA is equipped with the control system MOOS (Mikron Object Oriented Software), which offers an extremely stable and safe solution and a high level of data management. 

Key Features

  • Safety design with two-hand control, virtual barrier, components control at the entrance
  • Small footprint of 2m2
  • Power connection 400/480V 3 phases 50/60Hz
  • Locking casters allow rapid repositioning


  • Rapid deployment
  • 100% servo driven
  • No compressed air required
  • Quick change tooling for multiple variants
  • Data collection and connectivity through validated MOOS software
  • Up to 4 cycles per minute
  • Cleanroom ISO 7 compatible

Choose Mikron to start your assembly journey with the right setup!