Mikron Polyfeed

Flexible Feeding System for Mikron solutions

Component feeding is a major factor in product assembly. The Mikron Polyfeed feeding system is the ultimate solution to handle difficult-to-feed parts, complex geometries or multiple variants for product assembly. The innovative Polyfeed uses machine vision and a 4-axis Cartesian robot to accomplish this.

With a feeding speed of up to 100 parts per minute and component sizes from 2 to 135 millimeters, the Polyfeed is a reliable complement to our high-performance assembly platforms. The feeding system can be seamlessly integrated into all Mikron platforms to increase productivity and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Up to 100 picks/min
  • Positioning accuracy up to ± 0.01mm
  • Teachable vision system for easy programming and quick changeover
  • Embedded 4-axis Cartesian Robot with zc heads
  • GAMP5 validated
  • Clean room compatible ISO 7


  • Fully stand-alone for easy integration into Mikron assembly system 
  • Layout flexibility and small footprint that can replace several bowl feeders 
  • Capability to handle complex geometric parts o multiple variants with precision and accuracyImproved efficiency and productivity with faster feeding speeds and reduced downtime for changeovers
  • Flexibility through vision variants management
  • Reduced investment costs with high reusability and minimal specific tool requirements