Mikron MiniCell

Low scale medical device assembly

The Mikron MiniCell semi-automated assembly system is based on standard building blocks from Mikron’s platform library – providing proven technology, rapid deployment and stable low-risk production. This solution meets a unique need – a scalable platform capable of providing clinical build quantities up to intermediate volume builds at a significantly lower investment level for the pharmaceutical and medtech industries.

Key Features

  • Same pallet size as Mikron G05
  • Up to 12 working stations
  • Compressed air 6 bars or on board compressor
  • Small footprint of 2m2
  • Locking casters allow rapid repositioning


  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy to retool to product changes
  • Ability to integrate complex subsystems
  • Validated process modules deployable on Mikron G05 and Mikron Ecoline
  • Mikron’s standard and validated Allen-Bradley software
  • Up to 5 cycles per minute
  • Cleanroom ISO 7 compatible

Choose Mikron to start your assembly journey with the right tool!