Mikron Multistar NX-24

Productivity and full CNC flexibility

What makes the Mikron Multistar NX-24 rotary transfer machine stand out? It’s its maximal CNC flexibility, its high productivity and extreme precision.

The Mikron Multistar NX-24 is designed for batch production of several hundred to many thousands of highly complex and precise parts – at an unbeatable cost per part.

The machine processes materials such as alloy steel, brass, titanium or aluminum – with maximum dimensions of Ø 35mm and maximum lengths of up to 65mm.

The Mikron Multistar NX-24 is ideal for machining tasks in a wide range of industries such as automotive, watchmaking, medical, air conditioning and gas.

Upgrade your batch production – discover the benefits of the Mikron Multistar NX-24!

Benefits at a glance

  • Productivity up to 30 parts per minute
    • 24 workstations
    • Up to 44 machining units working simultaneously
    • Fast indexing rotary table
    • Simultaneous machining from 2 sides per station: top, bottom, side or inclined
    • High performance machining spindles
  • 100% programmable and 100% versatile
    • All axes are electronically controlled for quick changeover
    • Various machining operations such as:
      • Drilling, reaming, tapping, threading
      • Milling with up to 4 axis interpolation
      • Turning
      • Recessing
      • Deep hole drilling
      • 3D deburring
      • Others e.g. measuring, washing, assembly
  • Extremely precise
    • Rigid, compact and thermally stable design
    • ±2.5µm table position repeatability
    • High precision clamping collets
    • High tech Mikron spindles
    • In process gauging; tool and clamping compensation
    • Automatic out of tolerance part separation
  • Very cost efficient

Key Features 

Machining units: maximal flexibility and versatility

  • Extended range of applications: Wide range of machining units available.
  • Large part families can be easily produced. 
  • Reduced changeover time due to fully programmable units.

CNC 3 axis machining units

  • Highly accurate machining units suitable for multiple drilling, milling or deburring operations. Up to 4 axes with simultaneous interpolation possible (with C axis)
  • Vertical, horizontal and inclined models
  • Compact version also available

CNC 2 axis machining units

  • Ideal for multiple drilling, milling operations up to 3 axis interpolation (with C axis)
  • Vertical, horizontal versions
  • Suitable for turning operations (with rotary collet or C axis) for external or internal turning operations (horizontal or vertical version)

Deep hole drilling units

  • The right solution for accurate deep holes
  • With or without movable guide bush
  • High rotation speed and programmable high pressure cooling
  • Vertical, horizontal and inclined versions

Single axis machining units

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Available in vertical, horizontal and tilting versions

Recess unit

  • Perfect solution for high precision grooving, even in eccentric position
  • Vertical, horizontal and inclined versions
  • Complex profiles can be machined with CNC axis interpolation 

Simple and fast changeover

All axes are electronically controlled. The Mikron Multistar NX-24 is equipped with a well structured user interface, developed by Mikron to make it easy to change the machine from one application to another.

  • Easy program management and tool compensation to reduce changeover time and cycle corrections
  • Self-explanatory graphics
  • Contour milling, turning, profiling, 4-axis interpolation and 3D deburring are easily accomplished
  • Accurate diagnostics: the control detects and reports all anomalies
  • Maintenance activities are automatically scheduled, fast remote diagnosis
  • Integration with shop floor information systems (CAD, CAM, SAP)
  • Multi-language support for easy interaction

Get maximum flexibility and extreme precision – choose the Mikron Multistar NX-24 for your machining needs!