Mikron Multistep XT-200

Outstanding flexibility, cost effective and high precision

The Multistep XT-200 modular high-precision machining center is a true productivity system!

Its modularity and flexibility are second to none: With up to 4 spindles operating independently, up to 144 tools provide excellent flexibility. A high-frequency spindle is available as an option for high-speed machining.

The Multistep XT-200 can be expanded with additional machining modules (1 up to 4)  to meet future production increases with unparalleled precision at any time (no need to add an additional loading/unloading module).

No matter how different the jobs are and no matter how large the batch size, the patented modular concept of the modular machining center allows you to switch easily and effectively between demanding machining operations and short runs.

Typical parts and industries
The machining range of the Multistep XT-200 transfer system is very broad: It extends from simple drilling operations to complex milling operations. This makes it suitable for industries such as automotive, pneumatic and hydraulic, medical, watch and electrical.

Key Features

  • Fully modular machining center with 1-4 machining modules for workpiece dimensions of up to 200 x 200 x 200mm
    • Prototyping and mass production on the same machine concept
    • Step-by-step investment
  • Full 5-axis CNC machining
    • Interpolation capability allows also to process controlled cross-hole deburring
  • Single completely integrated system for production, saving floor space and manpower
  • Same machine model for very different applications such as ABS valve body, injectors, pump heads
  • Chip-to-chip time 0.9 seconds at a maximum spindle speed - saving up to 2000 hours per year
  • Highest flexibility – Change-over within 10 minutes 
  • Automatic loading from pallets or belt conveyor or manual
  • Automatic part rotation for 6 side machining
  • Automatic measuring of blank part and in-process with automatic compensation
  • Optional deburring, brushing, marking in the loading system
  • SPC drawer and poke-yoke extraction
  • Highest accuracy through 1 single process (comparing to multiple spindle process where you get different qualities coming from each spindle/clamping/tool) 1 gauss curve

Loading and unloading module
One for All

The material flow of blanks and finished parts can be optimally managed: Either by manual loading or by a 100% NC-controlled loading arm.

This system integration eliminates the interfaces that are prone to failure, as is often the case with conventional machining centers.

The NC-controlled loading arm can perform parallel tasks such as fully automatic repositioning of workpieces for 6th-side machining, dimensional inspection of blanks, deburring, cleaning and much more.

Loading and unloading with multiple loading options 

  • Standard: DIN palette system
  • Options
    • Stacking magazine (palette cart)
    • Belt conveyor
    • Robot
    • Vibratory convey
    • Manual loading

Super-efficient machining modules

Each machining module is equipped with 2 working spindles that can be used alternatively. While one spindle is machining, the other is changing the cutting tool.

The ingenious workpiece flow through the directly connected machining modules allows complete machining of the workpieces – with no downtime!

Overview of a working module

  • 2x tool magazine discs with 18 tool slots, up to 36 tools per module.
  • When stacked to the maximum level (4 modules), the Multistep XT-200 machining center can accommodate 144 tools
  • 2x alternating spindles, chip-to-chip time less than 1 second at full spindle speed
  • B/C-axis
    • 5-axis transformation
    • 260-degree B-axis rotation
    • Liquid-cooled motors for B and C axes
    • Free-rotating C-axis with a maximum speed of 600 rpm