Mikron NRG

Highest precision, productivity and flexibility

Your solution for highest precision, productivity and flexibility

The Mikron NRG belongs to a new generation of transfer machines that take into account the rapid technological developments and the resulting faster product development, more complex parts and smaller production runs.

Key Features

  • Full CNC high-productive rotary transfer machine with 12 stations and up to 30 working units machining simultaneously  
  • For extremely high-precision workpieces up to 80 x 80 x 80mm or cylindrical pieces up to Ø 65 x 100mm  
  • Complete 6-sided machining possible

The machine is designed for high-precision machining of high-volume components. Highly productive machines such as the Mikron NRG are crucial in various markets, including the automotive, watch, lock, pneumatic, and hydraulic industries.

Benefits at a glance

Precision – Unbeatable Machining Accuracy

  • ATS (Advanced Thermal Stabilization) ensures thermal stability of all machine elements
  • "IndraMotion MTX" from Bosch Rexroth provides a modern and innovative control method
  • Turntable indexing mechanism is close to the machining axis
  • CNC machining units
    • Highly rigid and compact construction
    • Spindle bearing with minimum overhang

Productivity – Maximize Your Output

  • Machining configuration
    • Up to 3 machining units on a single station 
    • Up to 30 units in production simultaneously
  • Minimal down times
    • Table rotation and indexing time less than 1 second
    • Fully automatic tool changer (ATC), chip-to-chip time 2.5 seconds
  • Highest machining speed
    • Spindle speeds of up to 40'000 rpm
    • High acceleration and traversing rate of machining units
    • Use of complex and efficient cutting tools from Mikron Tool
  • Efficiency and Reliability 
    • Simple clamping and unclamping of tool holder
    • HMI provides advanced diagnostics and scheduled maintenance
    • High reliability with motors, kinetic elements, and cables in a climate-controlled, clean outer area
    • Efficient evacuation of chips into central machine basin

Flexibility –Adapt to Anything

  • Modular concept allows for perfect configuration for individual machining tasks and simple adaptation to changing production requirements
  • Up to 96 tools available on one machine
  • 6-surface machining possible
  • Variety of workpiece clamping concepts and spindles
  • External 5-axis robot for 
    • loading and unloading of workpieces
    • automatic exchange of workpiece clamping systems

Versatility – Handle Any Challenge

  • Various machining processes
    • Drilling, deep-hole drilling, reaming, turning, milling, thread cutting, and recessing
    • Complex path and contour milling with CNC-controlled clamping device
    • All machining can be done in inclined position
    • Turning with two opposing units (high concentricity) and simultaneous milling or drilling with three units on one station
  • CNC axes 
    • Up to four-axis interpolation per spindle, 
    • Fifth CNC axis for tilt unit (C-axis), and additional U-axis for recess turning
    • CNC-controlled workpiece clamping devices (B-axis)

Looking to enhance your precision machining productivity and efficiency?

The CNC rotary transfer machine Mikron NRG offers exceptional precision and productivity in various industries, making it an ideal choice for medium to large production runs.

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