Mikron VX

Machining on 6 sides, from bar, wire or blank

The Mikron VX-12 is one of the world’s most accurate and flexible rotary transfer systems for the cost effective production of high-precision components on six sides.

It features full CNC capabilities with 12 workstations to handle varying batch sizes, and can accommodate workpieces up to 40 x 40 x 80mm (or 40 x 40 x 160mm with an optional upgrade).

It combines the advantages of "on wire machining" with the flexibility of a machining center and the accuracy and productivity of a transfer machine.

It allows complete machining on six faces, pre-machining directly on bar or wire (out of cycle, parallel to the main machining time), and clamping of the workpiece on the machined surface for subsequent operations.

Industries Benefiting from Mikron VX's Precision and Efficiency

Mikron VX-12 has proven to be beneficial for various industries:

The machine's ability to produce parts with the precision and accuracy required for high-tech devices makes it an indispensable tool in the electronics industries.

The medical industry also benefits from the Mikron VX-12, as it also requires high- precision and consistent components for various medical applications. Likewise, the watch and eyewear industry uses the Mikron VX-12 to produce its highly complex components.

Last but not least, the lock industry is also one of our customers.  There, the machine has proven itself equally as a reliable and efficient system.

All in all, the Mikron VX-12 is a valuable asset for all industries that require precise, flexible and efficient production processes.

Technical Details

  • Complete & unattended production of ready-to-be assemble components
  • Up to 4-axis pre-machining in parallel with main machining: milling, turning, drilling, tapping, broaching, stamping, engraving
  • Heavy machining operations can be done directly on the bar (wire)

Swiss-Engineered Precision

  • Table positioning: ± 2 µm
  • Torque motor for reliable table accuracy with thermal-stabilization
  • Double table bearing for highest stiffness
  • Very rigid construction with short force line circuit
  • "In-process measurement" for detection of reference areas, drill holes, contours, etc
  • Stable cutting tool coolant within ± 1°C
  • Hydraulic clamping systems with programmable clamping force for stable roughing and precise finishing

Highest Productivity

  • Quadrupled productivity: Multiple workpiece clamping combined with double wire feeding
  • Up to 22 machining units working simultaneously (2 per station)
  • Up to 3 spindles per station, configurable horizontally, vertically, tangentially and angularly
  • Fast table changeover: 0,40 seconds
  • Powerful spindles
  • Dual wire feed available
  • Clamping systems available for multiple parts
  • 12 stations for best cost per part
  • Machining directly from coil possible (increased productivity compared to bar stock)
  • Minimum material waste after the last cut-off: approx 60 mm
  • Hydraulic clamping system with programmable clamping force for high roughing performance

Highest Flexibility

  • Quick changeover through simple CNC program management
  • Easily interchangeable clamping systems 
  • Clamping position measurement and correction by the CNC
  • Production of different parts from a single wire or bar and unloading into an automatic sorting bin
  • Machining units equipped with vertical and horizontal spindles: Ready to produce different parts without changeover time


  • Standardized machining units for easy system reconfiguration 
  • Conversion of any machining unit from horizontal to vertical possible


  • Wide range of spindle options for any type of machining at any angle: milling with up to 4-axes / turning / drilling / deburring / tapping / broaching / grooving

Loading and Unloading Options

  • Various options available
  • Production of different parts from a single wire or bar and unloading into an automatic sorting bin

Upgrade your production capabilities and efficiency by investing in the high-precision and versatile Mikron VX-12 production system.

With the ability to handle variable batch sizes and produce high-precision components on six sides, the Mikron VX-12 is the ideal solution for industries that demand precision, flexibility, and efficiency.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Mikron VX-12 can benefit your business.

Video and typical applications