Mikron EcoPal

Flexible tray handling system

The Mikron EcoPal is a standardized and modular handling system for parts that could be damaged or contaminated when fed by other methods, such as tray conveyors.

Mikron EcoPal comes in three different versions to meet your project requirements: Mini EcoPal, Single module EcoPal, Double module EcoPal.

Whether you need to handle a single tray or multiple stacks, tray sizes from 300 x 400 to 400 x 600mm, the Mikron EcoPal family has the answer.

Thanks to their modular design, our handling systems offer you a very versatile and customizable solution for our Mikron G05 or EcoLine assembly platforms.

Key Features

  • Speed up to 30 picks per minute
  • Positioning precisions to ± 0.02mm
  • Single and double modules
  • Rotator for trays: parts pitch adjustment
  • Three versions to accommodate the project requirements
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC controller
  • Flexible tray handling for various tray sizes and stacks
  • Loading/unloading of trays
  • Tray rotation for compact stacking of empty trays
  • Parts pitch adjustment and orientation


  • Fully stand-alone for easy integration into Mikron assembly system
  • Cycle rate: 3 - 4 seconds per cycle
  • GAMP 5 validated
  • Cleanroom ISO 7 compatible

Increase your efficiency and accuracy with the Mikron EcoPal tray handling system!