Making complexity  

Mikron Automation is your worldwide partner for advanced assembly solutions

Our solutions are reliable and tailored to complex products. At Mikron we are committed to delivering the best assembly systems and services throughout the product’s entire life cycle. With our extensive engineering expertise, scalable platforms, and lifelong support, we ensure the success of our clients.

Scalable Assembly Systems adaptable to your evolving production environment

With more than 4,000 assembly and test systems in use worldwide, our team of over 800 qualified employees have unique process expertise and the rigor for complex project management in a wide range of industries.  

Mikron experts will work closely with you to design an automated assembly system that meets your unique, industry-specific processes, whether for high-volume, medium-volume or lab-scale production. 

Mikron's standard systems are scalable and customizable to meet your current needs and adapt to future production requirements, without the need for costly and extensive future upgrades.

360° Customer Care for comprehensive production support

Our automation solutions wouldn’t be complete without our extensive value-added customer service and support programs.

Whether you require support with the design of your device to ensure its manufacturability, advice on complex process validation, production data analysis, maintenance program support or specific training - Mikron’s Customer Care supports you throughout the life of your production asset.

With Mikron, you benefit from an agile organization with decades of complex process expertise, scalable automated assembly solutions, highly comprehensive customer services and global coverage.

We are your trusted partner who is with you every step of the way, from initial concept to high performance assembly solutions. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your unique needs.     


Partner for scalable assembly systems and services

Mikron scalable solutions are the results of decades of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance assembly systems based on proven platforms, the integration of complex processes. and value-added services.


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Medtec China


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