Mikron Boudry inaugurates its Next Factory

Mikron Switzerland AG, Boudry

Mikron Boudry officially opens its cutting-edge Next Factory, the Mikron Automation division’s headquarters: the new building is ready for the future!

After 16 months of construction, the 7,800 m2 extension of Mikron Automation’s headquarters is now operational. Along with Mikron’s management, governmental authorities, representatives from academic institutions, and various building specialists were invited to celebrate this major step for the company.

With this extension, the total factory size of 15,000 m2 has a completely new face:
A Smart Office offers a collaborative and innovative working environment for the design of customer projects. A new 3,900 m2 hall is fully dedicated to the fine-tuning and qualification of Mikron’s assembly solutions. The company has also completely reorganized the manufacturing processes and material flow. Digitalization is the backbone of the Next Factory project.

The new building is aligned to support Mikron’s carbon-zero initiative. A new heating/cooling system reduces natural gas consumption by 90%. 1,400 m2 of solar panels produce green energy, 85% of which is used directly by Mikron.

This is a major step for Mikron Boudry, which gives our customers and employees a motivating environment where innovation and interactive teamwork can be leveraged effectively.