Consumer Goods

Assembly solutions for Consumer Goods products

When a customer buys a consumer product, they expect it to work right out of the box and to have a positive experience with it throughout the life of the product.

However, the consumer goods market is largely driven by price sensitivity and multiple product variants.

Further challenges

  • Dealing with a wide range of shapes, and sizes
  • Balancing the need for speed and variants with high efficiency and quality
  • Meeting the specific design and aesthetic requirements of consumer goods

Mikron’s solutions for consumer products manufacturing

Customized and Scalable Assembly

Our assembly solution enables you to meet both the specific design and aesthetic requirements of your consumer products while meeting the challenges of cost efficient high-volume production.

The modular concept comprises semi-automatic and fully automatic cells. That makes it adaptable to a wide range of consumer product manufacturing requirements, such as product variant management.

Mikron's modular assembly solutions allow you to readily scale to meet future volume requirements.

Together with your technical team and our experts, we will develop a customized, flexible and scalable assembly solution with maximum efficiency. Your assembly solutions will provide you with a competitive edge in a very demanding market.

Let our experts help you design your customized assembly solution for consumer good components.