AMB 2022 in Stuttgart

At the AMB in Stuttgart, Mikron Machining presented the Multistar CX-24, which is known for its precision, speed and flexibility, and impressed the numerous interested visitors with its pioneering digital solutions miTool, miEnergy, miMaintencance and miMachine.
Mikron miTool takes tool monitoring to the next level. Its numerous innovative features enable users to monitor tools efficiently and easily, thus increasing the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
Mikron’s energy consumption monitoring system miEnergy monitors machine current, power, compressed air, and oil and coolant temperature. It detects anomalies, and regulates and controls the machine based on the needs of that particular application.
miMaintenance complements preventive maintenance checks. It also offers automated machine expertise as well as support to maintenance planning through predictions.
miMachine monitors machine conditions, including news status, production status and more. It provides a digital bill of materials and back-end integration with Mikron ERP.