Group Management

Group Management is responsible for the management of the Group insofar as this task has not been assigned by law, the Articles of Association or the Organizational Rules to any other corporate body.

It prepares the strategy, the long-term and mid-term targets and the management guidelines for the Mikron Group before submitting them to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval. Group Management regularly reports to the Board of Directors on current business developments, anticipated opportunities and risks, as well as changes at lower management levels.

Members of the Group Management

The Company’s Board of Directors currently consists of four members. None of them maintains a significant business relationship with the Group.

The following table provides information on each of the members of the Board of Directors as of June 1, 2021:

Marc DesrayaudCEOF19652021
Rolf RihsCOO Mikron AutomationCH19632002
Dr. Javier Perez FreijeCFOES19752018