Mikron XT-one

Dual spindle, 5 axis, flexible production center

The Mikron XT-one machining center is worldwide amongst the most versatile and precise machines for complex parts. With its numerous configuration possibilities, every Mikron XT-one can be customized into a perfect solution for your requirements.

Chip to chip of 0.9 s even at maximum spindle speed :

SAVINGS OF UP TO 500 -2000  hours of non productive time per year equal 120‘000 $US/YEAR.

  • 2 independent spindles (configured as needed 15K & 40K rpm)
  • 2 fixtures for parallel operations (machining and loading)
  • Simultaneous production of different components possible
  • Invest flexible: scale up for production as needed. System expandable to up to 4 working modules
  • 6 face machining capability
  • Workpiece size up to approx 8 inches cube

Applications / Main markets:
Watches, medical applications, automotive, aerospace components, jewellery

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