October 27, 2015

EMO 2015: Mikron Machining impresses visitors in both real and virtual terms

Agno, October 2015 - EMO 2015 in Milan was a complete success for Mikron Machining. The company received more enquiries at this year's event than in 2011 or 2013. Mikron had plenty in store for visitors, with live exhibits of both the Mikron Multistep XT-200 machining system with its new loading concept and the Mikron Multistar LX-24 - the world's fastest and most productive rotary transfer machine. A special highlight for visitors was the chance to experience the Mikron NRG rotary transfer machine virtually.

Numerous users around the world - particularly in the automotive, watchmaking, electrical engineering, and hydraulic industries - rely on the Mikron NRG. At Mikron's pavillion at EMO 2015 in Milan, a head-mounted display and a hand-held gamepad enabled visitors to explore the machine in action and see its flexibility, productivity and precision for themselves. The Mikron NRG is suitable for manufacturing cylindrical work pieces up to a diameter of 65 mm and lengths of up to 100 mm, as well as prismatic components with edge dimensions of up to 80 mm. Up to 30 tools can be utilized simultaneously in a single production cycle on the Mikron NRG's 12 work stations. The machine can be equipped with 96 tools in all and is fitted with automatic four-way tool changers (ATCs). This means that Mikron NRG is able to machine even highly complex applications.

Alongside the NRG, Mikron Machining also presented a live Multistep XT-200 machining system with its new loading concept at EMO 2015. The Multistep is a true productivity center. Thanks to its unique, unbeatable modularity and flexibility, ongoing production requirements can be accommodated at any time, with incomparable precision.

Visitors could also see the world's fastest and most productive rotary transfer machine, the Mikron Multistar LX-24, in action. In a single-cycle operation it can produce up to 150 parts per minute, and in a four-cycle operation up to 600 parts per minute. This makes the Mikron Multistar LX-24 ideal for high-volume production.

Profile of Mikron Machining
Mikron Machining, a division of the Mikron Group, is the leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining solutions for the manufacturing of complex high-precision components made of metal. The high-performance cutting tools used on the systems are developed and produced in house at Mikron Machining. They are regarded as some of the best in the world. The division guarantees customers fast, professional service and support.

Mikron SA Agno, Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development
Tel. +41 91 610 62 45, mag@mikron.com


Mikron Machining presented the world's fastest and most productive rotary transfer machine at EMO 2015. The Mikron Multistar LX-24.

The Multistep XT-200 machining system proved quite a draw for visitors to EMO 2015.

Exploring the Mikron NRG virtually in action: made possible by a head-mounted display.