October 04, 2011

Extensive visitor interest in Mikron’s new machining system

EMO 2011 - Multistar NX-24 presented as world premiere in Hanover


October 4, 2011. Agno, Participation in this year’s metal working exhibition, the EMO 2011 in Hanover, was a huge success for Mikron Machining. At the centre of the presentation was the new developed machining system Multistar NX-24. Presented under the heading “The best of productivity with CNC flexibility”, a machining concept was introduced, which combines highest productivity with good flexibility and highest precision. The quality of the contacts made was exceptional.

Mikron SA Agno still offers the world’s most productive and fastest Rotary Machining System amongst it’s line of Transfer Machines. It achieves up to 150 cycle steps per minute and thus can produce up to 520 parts per minute when equipped with four cycles per machine. The machine is designed for high output, large volume production but, because it is fully mechanically controlled, change-over can take time.

The new CNC-controlled Multistar NX-24 increases flexibility significantly and this with only slight reduction in the output capability. Therefore it is especially suitable where different types of work pieces must be produced in quantities from a few hundred up to many thousands of parts, within accuracies in the hundredths of a millimeter range. The machine is of great interest to industries such as the automotive, watches, medical devices, climate control systems, etc.

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Mikron Machining is the leading supplier of high productive machining solutions for the manufacturing of complex high precision components made of metal.

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