May 27, 2016

Governor of Colorado signs Colorado House Bill in Mikron Corporation Denver’s Facility to promote Apprenticeships

Denver, CO, May, 2016 ‒ In Denver, Mikron Automation received a visit from the Governor of Colorado who signed a Colorado House Bill facilitating collaboration between the industry and educational sector. Leading up to this, Mikron had been working with the Governor’s office, Department of Labor, local Colleges and school districts to develop an apprenticeship program.

The Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, visited the Mikron Corporation Denver Facility May 20th, 2016, to sign House Bill 16-1288, Industry Infrastructure Grant Program, into Colorado Law. This bill creates a matching grant program within the Colorado Workforce Development Council. It serves the purpose to assist industry associations in defining industry competencies and in collaborating with the educational sector in order to facilitate training and education in the classroom and the workplace. “This grant program will help create additional opportunities for Colorado youth to access career-focused education,” said Governor John Hickenlooper. “We can better match training and skills, creating a pipeline for our students and businesses, and helping transform our workforce development system.”

Mikron is introducing a new Apprenticeship program in 2016
During the signing, Governor Hickenlooper met four High School Students from Cherry Creek School District, who are entering the Mikron Internship Program in Denver with the goal of continuing into a full apprenticeship. They will become some of the first beneficiaries of the program as businesses and colleges further develop the programs for the future.

About Mikron Automation
Mikron Automation, a division of the Mikron Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of customized, highly productive automation solutions for high-precision assembly and testing of products up to hand size. These include inhalers, insulin syringes, gasoline injection nozzles and airbag initiators. Mikron Automation is headquartered in Boudry (Neuchâtel), in a region that is regarded as the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry. To date, Mikron Automation has installed more than 3,000 assembly and testing systems worldwide. Its international customers operate in the following markets: Pharma and Medical Devices, Automotive Supply, Electrical/Electronics, Consumer Goods and Construction/Building. Mikron Automation employs around 590 people at its sites in Boudry (Switzerland, headquarters), Berlin (Germany), Denver (USA), Singapore and Shanghai (China).

Mikron Corporation Denver, Mike Gunner, General Manager,


left to right: Florencia Saldías, Head of Finance, Controlling and Administration Mikron Corp. Denver, Simon Richardsen – Mikron Intern, Ryan Herringshaw – Mikron Intern, Selena Elekovic – Mikron Intern, Jeramiah Desen – Mikron Intern, Mike Gunner, General Manager Mikron Corp. Denver

Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, signing the Colorado House Bill, Left to Right: Noel Ginsburg - CEO of Intertech, Plastics and Intertech Medical, Nancy Sharp – Arapahoe County Commissioner, Mike Gunner - General Manager Mikron Corp. Denver, Simon Richardsen – Mikron Intern, Selena Elekovic – Mikron Intern, Jeramiah Desen – Mikron Intern, Ryan Herringshaw – Mikron Intern