July 08, 2016

Mikron Automation attracts a record number of visitors at the 7th Automatica

Boudry, July 2016 - Mikron Automation presents its high performance platforms with a new booth design at the Automatica show in Munich. The trade show attracted a record number of visitors and so did the Mikron Automation booth.

From June 21st to 24th 2016 Mikron Automation took part in the 7th Automatica in Munich, which assembled 839 exhibitors from 47 countries and attracted up to 45 000 visitors - 30% more than in the previous year. Mikron Automation recorded an all-time high in the number of people visiting their booth. The division demonstrated the capabilities of its sites Mikron SA Boudry, Switzerland and Mikron Berlin GmbH.

Visitors had the possibility to witness Mikron's high performance platforms - the G05, Polyfeed and Tray Handler - in action. The combination of manual working stations and automatic modules allows for progressive investment from pilot line to fully automatic assembly solution.

Mikron Automation also presented their latest version of Totem interface to manage multiple vision cameras as well as their new PC control software "Mikron Object Oriented Software". This Software represents a perfect mix of a real time software with the power of SQL server and Windows in terms of data management and reporting. Industry 4.0 is already up and running within the Mikron solutions.

About Mikron Automation
Mikron Automation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of customized, highly productive automation solutions for high-precision assembly and testing of products. These include inhalers, insulin syringes, gasoline injection nozzles and airbag initiators.

Mikron Automation Boudry, Jean-François Bauer, Head of Marketing and Business Development, mbo@mikron.com