July 10, 2012

Mikron believes in talented, motivated students

Biel, July 2012. - The Mikron Group has been nurturing new talent for many years. The company provides financial support for a variety of organizations and works closely with universities and universities of applied science. Mikron employees pass on their expertise as lecturers, while talented students benefit from interesting internships. One of them is Cristina Salvati.

There are opportunities for talented, motivated students from Switzerland and abroad to write their thesis or complete an internship at Mikron's two main sites in Agno and Boudry. Such opportunities are popular because the students get to experience at first hand what it means to work as an engineer at one of Switzerland's most innovative industrial corporations. One of them is Cristina Salvati. The 22-year-old is spending three months as an intern at Mikron in summer 2012 as part of her Bachelor's course in engineering management at SUPSI, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, in Ticino. She has been working on process optimization in the production department at Agno. Under the close supervision of a tutor she takes on responsible assignments and is gaining a valuable insight into real-life applications. Cristina is delighted by her internship at Mikron: "It's a fantastic experience that's doing loads for my professional development as well as for me as a person."

Knowledge-sharing with universities and universities of applied sciences
Mikron has been helping students get ahead in their education at various levels for many years. After all, the corporation needs the best engineers and managers if it is to continue supplying top-quality solutions and systems and maintain its fast pace of innovation. In addition to its partnership with SUPSI, Mikron provides financial backing for VTW, the Technorama-Business Partnership, and the St. Gallen Symposium, which fosters intergenerational dialog between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Furthermore, Mikron is committed to knowledge-sharing between the company and various universities and universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. There are two strands to this approach: several Mikron employees pass on their expertise as lecturers, while Mikron plays host to interested students several times a year. Like Cristina Salvati, some of them can say "I had the good fortune to be part of the Mikron team for three months."

Brief profile of the Mikron Group
The Mikron Group is a globally operating, technologically leading supplier of machining and automation solutions for high-volume and high-precision production. Its main markets are the automotive component supply industry, the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, the writing instrument industry, and the electronics and watchmaking industries. With over 100 years of experience, rooted in Swiss innovation and quality culture, the Mikron Group is a long-term process and technology partner to many industry leaders. The Group employs a workforce of almost 1000, the majority of them at its two main sites in Switzerland (Agno and Boudry).

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