October 12, 2012

Mikron machining systems: attracting visitors at trade fairs

Agno, 12 October 2012 - This autumn, Mikron Machining aroused great interest among visitors to metalworking industry trade fairs with its machining systems and cutting tools. Mikron has received numerous requests for quotations from both existing and potential new customers. In addition, Mikron Machining has delivered the first of its Mikron Multistar NX-24 machining systems launched last year.

This autumn, Mikron Machining was present at four international metalworking trade fairs, attending the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago and the International Exhibition for Metal Working (AMB) in Stuttgart in September, as well as the BI-MU in Milan and the MAKTEK Eurasia in Istanbul in October.

IMTS in Chicago
At IMTS in Chicago, Mikron Machining held a virtual presentation of all its machining solutions and cutting tools. To see the animations and more videos of the systems and tools in action, go to www.youtube.com/MikronGroup.

AMB in Stuttgart: Mikron Multistep XT-200
Mikron Machining presented the Mikron Multistep XT-200 at the International Exhibition for Metal Working (AMB) in Stuttgart. This production center combines the productivity of a transfer machine with the retooling flexibility of a machining center. Its modular structure allows the Multistep XT-200 to adapt to the current production volume at any time, thus guaranteeing an unparalleled level of precision.

BI-MU in Milan: Mikron NAM-10
The Mikron NAM-10 attracted a great deal of interest at the Mikron stand in Milan. The Mikron NAM/NAD machining system enables complete processing of complex parts on six sides - from wires, rods or individual blanks. With four, eight or ten workstations, this fully CNC-controlled, high-precision rotary indexing transfer machine is ideal for cost-effective series production in variable batch sizes.

MAKTEK Eurasia in Istanbul: Mikron Multistar LX-24
At MAKTEK Eurasia in Istanbul, Mikron Machining presented the Mikron Multistar LX-24. This system has 24 workstations and up to 44 working spindles to enable smooth mass production. The Multistar LX-24 carries out processes simultaneously from above and below or from the side. It is the fastest and most productive rotary indexing transfer machine in the world, capable of processing up to 600 parts a minute.

A complete success: the new Mikron Multistar NX-24
Mikron Machining first introduced the fully CNC-controlled Mikron Multistar NX-24 to the public at last year's EMO in Hanover. The first systems have meanwhile been delivered to customers, mainly in Europe. Interest in the new machining system continues to grow worldwide. The CNC-controlled Multistar NX-24 significantly increases flexibility with very little loss of production speed. This makes it a particularly attractive option if different types of workpiece need to be processed in series ranging from a few hundred to many thousands, accurate to hundredths of a millimeter. The Mikron Multistar NX-24 is ideal for the automotive supplier, watchmaking, medical devices and air conditioning industries.

Profile of Mikron Machining
Mikron Machining is a leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining solutions for the manufacturing of complex high-precision components made of metal. Its key sales market to date is Europe, primarily Germany, although the Asian market is becoming increasingly important. Mikron Machining comprises the three production companies Mikron SA Agno (Switzerland, headquarters), Mikron Tool SA Agno (Switzerland) and Mikron GmbH Rottweil (Germany), as well as the sales and service company Mikron Corp. Monroe (USA) with around 500 employees in total. Mikron Machining is part of the Mikron Group.

Contact information
Mikron SA Agno, Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development
Tel. +41 (0)91 610 62 45, mag@mikron.com

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