February 04, 2016

The governor of Colorado is very interested in Mikron's dual-training scheme

On Thursday, January 28, Mikron Automation received a 50-strong delegation from Colorado whose members come from the fields of politics, academia and business. Governor John Hickenlooper is so interested in the "Swiss" dual training concept that he wants to set up similar training concepts in Colorado too

Articles (only in French)

Journal Le Temps : http://www.letemps.ch/economie/2016/01/28/apprentissage-nouvel-outil-promotion-suisse

Journal L’Express : http://www.arcinfo.ch/articles/regions/canton/une-delegation-du-colorado-est-venue-en-savoir-plus-sur-la-formation-duale-chez-mikron-a-boudry-496170               

Canal Alpha (TV régionale) : http://www.canalalpha.ch/actu/le-gouverneur-du-colorado-en-trekking-chez-mikron/

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