October 07, 2011

The world of drilling turned on its head: a flexible carbide micro drill

October 7, 2011. Agno, Drilling in a range from 0.1 to 1.2 mm with depths up to 30 x d and this with a high process reliability – that’s unmatched! Up to now, only spark erosion and to a certain extent also deep hole drilling processes manage such operations, but at a much lower speed. Mikron Tool SA Agno, a Switzerland based company, is THE expert for micro drilling. CrazyDrill Flex, the revolutionary new development will be presented for the first time at the worlds leading exhibition for metal cutting, the EMO in Hanover.

CrazyDrill Flex, the latest member of the CrazyDrill family, combines the advantages of a HSS drill – flexibility – with the ones of a solid carbide drill – long tool life and precision. Not only the dimension, but also the design of this cutting tool is unique. The concept is based on a new type of carbide alloy and an accurately defined innovative geometry. The later in contrast to any tradition in metal working: a flexible shank extension affords elasticity, which permits process sure drilling also under difficult circumstances. This allows compensating for imprecise positioning as it occurs, for example, with Multispindle or Transfer machines.

CrazyDrill Flex is available for depths of 20 x d and 30 x d, in a diameter range from 0.1 to 1.2 mm, with diameter increments of 0.01 mm. With its size range and its capability for many different materials the main applications are found in the micro machining of precision parts, i.e. typically in the watch and the medical industry or for the machining of fuel injection components, etc. A particular coating guarantees excellent wear properties and good thermal absorption qualities.
The particularly small diameters of CrazyDrill Flex require accurate hole preparation with a pilot drill or an adequate centering tool. The CrazyDrill family from Mikron Tool offers also the right tools for these preliminary operations.