Mikron Robotic Assembly Cell

Medium volume Production

Mikron’s robotic assembly platform offers a complete and flexible automation solution for medium volume production.

The ability to combine, based on your products needs, a gantry robot, a flexible feeding system and specific processes sets the robotic cell apart from our other assembly platforms.

The flexible feeding system offers  unmatched  level of  flexibility for component variants handling, further increasing the efficiency and productivity of the system.

Because of its flexible design and scalability, the robotic cell can be easily modified or reconfigured for use in new manufacturing projects.

Key Features

  • High scalability and adaptability
  • Layout flexibility: Multiple cells can be linked together to meet project requirements.
  • Multi-axis control: The robot's multi-axis control enables complex processes to be completed with ease.


  • Smart integration: gantry robot, flexible feeding system and complex processes
  • Adaptable for product changes or variants
  • Scalable and reusable for future projects
  • Compactness
  • Cleanroom ISO 7 compatible 
  • GAMP5 validated

The Mikron Robotic Cell is a safe and long term investment for any company with projects demanding flexibility and productivity.

Contact us now to learn how Mikron's robotic assembly solution can transform your manufacturing process.