Manual station and jigs for component assembly testing

Manual bench

Cost-effective manual stations and jigs for the final assembly of medical devices in the lab trial phase: The system is designed to assembly and test non-commercial product on a small scale to ensure processes are correct and meet the device assembly specifications.

The manual bench is mainly used for medical devices such as pen injectors, auto-injectors and safety syringes.

  • Simple concept: The manual station is operated by a hand lever. It uses a spring-controlled press operation and has process status lights for good and bad parts.
  • Flexible: The manual stations are designed for final assembly of different components. You can easily retool the system for other variants and products.
  • Easy setup: Power supply needs 230V or 110V. Footprint less than 1 m2.
  • Low investment: The manual stations can produce up to 3 parts per minute. You can count on the quickest delivery possible.

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