Assembly Solutions

Our assembly solutions are designed to meet the needs of companies operating in highly competitive markets, facing increasing cost pressures, and struggling with ever-shorter lead times for new products.

In many cases, the assembly system must be designed and built in parallel with the final design of the new product.

With the demand for higher quality standards, more product variety and shorter product lifecycles, the requirements for automation systems have become more complex.

Assembly solutions must be cost-effectively scalable from development to medium- or fully-automated high-volume production to stay ahead of the curve.

Reliable platforms and extensive processes expertise are essential ingredients to engineer and build tailored assembly solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing processes.

Automated response to complexity

Whatever industry you work in, whatever your project, whether simple or highly sophisticated, we build customized assembly solutions for you that will address all of your production needs.

We understand your needs since we know how your industry works. We can react immediately and we are ready to go wherever you are.

Complexity is made of several parameters: processes, variants, speed, layout. Thanks to the multi-cell configurations of our proven automation platforms, the integration of manual workplaces and our flexible feeding and tray handling systems, we deliver the assembly solution to produce your devices with the highest productivity.

This considerably increases cost efficiency and shortens delivery times.

If you need a partner who is all about your unique product, we are happy to work with you.