Image acquisition specialists – combining your requirements with Mikron expertise, they transform your needs into a fully tailored solution. 

  • In-house specialists to skillfully integrate sophisticated machine vision processes into its assembly processes.
  • 1000+ installed vision systems, across a full range of industries from medical to consumer goods
  • Validation in line with GAM P 5 standards and qualified systems
  • Monitoring of modifications in line with 21 CFR part 11


  • Use of Cognex and Keyence solutions
  • Intuitive interface to display multiple cameras on one screen to analyze meaningful data
  • PC-based data management system using the Cognex VisionPro industrial libraries
  • Broad range of non-conventional optics
  • Vision-controlled motion
  • High quality lenses
  • Speed from 10 c/min to 250 c/min
  • Field of view from 1.2 mm x 1.6 mm to 225 mm x 300 mm
  • Static and on-the-fly tests
  • Presence, product type, dimensional checks, angular position, cosmetic checks, color, ...
  • Medical projects 21 CFR part 11 compliant
  • LED based lights

Measurements & Inspections


  • Part presence
  • Cosmetic inspection
  • Color verification
  • Tampoprint
  • Needle tip
  • Glass inspection


  • 1D and 2D code reading
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


  • Part handling
  • Part positioning

Dimension and 3D measurement

  • 3D reconstruction with multiple images
  • Label positions
  • Needle gauge