Mikron MultiX

Highly productive and flexible machining

We build your dedicated Mikron Multix to achieve superior productivity at a lower capital cost. You can freely combine the platform elements to create your individual machining system to meet your productivity requirements.

The machine is capable of machining 50 to 5'000'000 parts. You can start with a single cycle and add cycles as your volume grows.

The Best of Industry Award 2020 winner is not only highly productive, but also highly flexible and scalable. The novel modular concept of the Mikron MultiX allows you to adapt your rotary transfer machine to new tasks at any time by replacing or adding individual components.

  • Extremely versatile technical features: Direct machining from bar (turning or milling), 3 machining units working simultaneously at each station, multi-spindle turning and transfer machines in a single machining system.
  • Different sizes of machining units: Machining units vary in size, number of axes, size of compatible spindles, strokes, rigidity to meet all your needs.
  • Scalable: Start production with a single cycle Mikron MultiX configuration and add more cycles as your volume grows.

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The platform


Combine freely the platform elements according to the Mikron MultiX rules and configure your machining solution optimized for your specific needs such as: productivity, precision, stiffness, reconfigurability, size, cost, power…

By choosing the optimal size and architecture for every unit and station you achieve superior productivity by less investment costs.

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Configuration examples

Virtual MultiX configuration (VR)