Shaping efficiency   

Mikron Machining is the leading partner for high performance machining systems 

to manufacture complex and precise metal components in high volumes. Our machining systems lay the basis to considerably reduce production costs and optimize resource utilization.

With our global presence and our skilled local experts, we are trustfully serving our customers.

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Your machining solution provider for selected industries

We support you to produce metal parts such as state-of-the-art turbocharger housings, scrolls, injection nozzles and even ball-pen tips.

Talking of ball-pen tips, 200'000'000 ball-pen tips are produced daily with Mikron’s machining equipment (equaling 95 % of all tips worldwide).

If your company is operating in the automotive industry instead, you might be interested to know that 7'000'000 automotive parts are machined daily on Mikron systems worldwide.

How is that possible, you might wonder?

By providing high volume systems whose machining rate can reach up to 600 parts per minute.

At the same time, our machining systems can operate with a precision of up to +/- 0.002 mm.  

Machining and service solutions from one source

Through our global presence with skilled local experts, we create exceptional cultural proximity to customers and offer a flexible and highly competent worldwide service organization.

Digital Services such as the unique tool monitoring system Mikron miTool enable our customers to monitor tools efficiently and easily, thereby increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The initial investment pays for itself within a very short time.

In order to offer you your customized machining solutions, we rely on our Mikron Tool business unit. This is because we develop and produce all the necessary high-performance cutting tools ourselves. Our tools are among the best in the world and are also used on machines from other manufacturers.



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