Mikron Multistar

High volume manufacturing for small precision parts

The multi-talented machining system is the booster for your productivity: Our top performer stands out with a sensational mass production of small precision parts.

The highly productive precision machine has already proven itself for a variety of high-volume applications, such as automotive components like injection systems, connectors for the electronics and electrical industries, and components in fields such as watches.

The Mikron Multistar LX-24 is particularly suitable for the writing industry and the production of ballpoint pen tips: Because the Mikron Multistar transfer machine works to the most demanding tolerances, it is ideal for producing not only ordinary ballpoint pen tips, but also rollerball and gel ink tips with tight tolerances.

  • High volume professional: Simultaneous double sided machining on one station at a cadence of 150 cycles per minute
    • Up to 44 perfectly synchronous units in use
    • Production performance for multiple cycles up to 600 parts per minute (4 x 150)
    • Machining of different workpieces possible with dual cycle
    • High cutting power thanks to the machining spindles rotation speed of 32'000 rpm
    • Short approach paths, optimized synchronization of the movement processes and quicker table feed, minimize dead time
  • Quantity with quality: The production machinery permits a wide variety of machining operations. It is possible to carry out simple machining processes such as drilling or complex milling operations with 4-axis interpolation, depending on the machine model and configuration.
  • Accuracy under control: High quality manufacturing of the basic machine, compact, thermally symmetric design and perfect conformity of station supports and indexing plate are special Mikron Multistar features. Tight fitting spindles and spring chuck sets fitted with bearings and optimized cutting tools complete the Mikron-precision concept.

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Multistar series