Industrial / Building

Production of Building Components

We are surrounded by household and home appliances everyday.

Mikron’s high performance transfer solutions produce parts for household appliances, including:

  • High-security locks

  • Clima systems and air refrigerations

  • Gas appliances

this at the lowest cost per part.

Production of Safety Lock Components

Each kind of safety lock is designed differently, but in most cases lock components can be grouped into families in which the only variables are the length, the position and the number of pin holes.

According to your requirements our high performance machines manufacture: 

  • cylinder lock bodies, 
  • lock pins,
  • padlock bodies

in brass and in stainless steel.

Our most used machine for the lock industry is the high-precision Mikron VX-12. 
Its hydraulic clamping systems ensure a very precise finishing of lock parts and a perfect precision with its inherent measurement of references. 

Parts for Air Conditioning Systems

Mikron’s high precision transfer machines offer very high performance, accuracy and flexibility to our customers in the air conditioning industry.

The Mikron Multistar CX-24 is great for precise serial production of demanding workpieces due to its unsurpassed accuracy and speed. This allows you to produce air conditioning components at up to 30 pieces per minute. Compare the impressive performance differences possible with Mikron Multistar CX-24 versus conventional machines in our “Air Conditioning” Case History.

The rotary transfer machine Mikron VX-12 is one of the world's most accurate and flexible production systems for the cost-effective manufacture of components. With the ability to perform complete machining on all six faces of a workpiece, the Mikron VX-12 enables the complete and unattended production of ready-to-assemble air conditioning components. 

Safety Components for Gas Appliances

Precision fit and tightness of closure are key features of safety components for gas heaters in residential or commercial properties.

Mikron has collaborated for years with the most renowned suppliers for the gas industry, providing them with highly efficient processing solutions: up to 210 pieces per minute can be produced for instance on the Mikron Multistar.

Typical components for the gas industry include: 

  • Gas valve bodies
  • Gas plugs
  • Gas burner components
  • Safety gas valve shafts
  • Gas flow regulators
  • Burner nozzles

Maximize efficiency and accuracy in producing building components with Mikron's highly efficient processing solutions. 

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