Pre-machining Equipment

Pre-machining equipment plays a critical role in many industries, from automotive and consumer goods to medical device and electronics manufacturing.

The equipment is used to prepare raw materials or workpieces before they are further processed, such as turning, milling or grinding.

By using pre-processing machines, manufacturers can ensure that the workpiece is properly shaped and sized so that less material needs to be removed during subsequent operations.

This not only saves time and money, but also improves the overall quality and precision of the final product.

On Mikron machining systems you can produce precision workpieces directly from wire coil or bar stock.

However, it is often expedient to manufacture small blanks on Mikron wire cutting machines to achieve a higher output rate on the transfer machines in the downstream process.

With the right pre-machining equipment, you might produce these pieces in your own production plant instead of hiring external suppliers. In this way, you avoid waiting times and costs.

You can choose between two basic types of pre-machining equipment: 

  • the Mikron TR-42 wire shearing machine, 
  • the Mikron TF-120 wire cutting machine for straightening and sawing wire

Pre-machining Equipment

Up to 800 cuts per minute

With the Mikron wire shearing machine TR-42, you can straighten wire made of steel, aluminum, brass or copper in different thicknesses and cut it to the length required for the further manufacturing process.

The most important key data of TR-42:

  • Production: 150 to 800 (TR-42/2) or 150 to 500 (TR-42/4) parts per minute
  • Maximum cutting length: 1 to 35 mm (TR-42/2) or 1 to 45 mm (TR-42/4)
  • Maximum cutting thickness: TR-42/2 (TR-42/4): aluminum, brass and copper 
    ø 5 mm (ø 8 mm), steel ø 3.5 mm (ø 3.5 mm)
  • Cutting accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm

Sawing wire of round and polygonal shape

If you need prefabricated polygonal wire parts for your production, the wire cutting machine TF-120 is a reliable pre-machining solution.

It can be paired with a pre-turning unit to machine parts both horizontally and radially in a single operation, allowing for additional shaping elements such as notches.

The most important key data of TF-120:

  • Production: without pre-turning unit up to 400 parts per minute, with pre-turning unit up to 50 parts per minute 
  • Maximum cutting length: 80 mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness without pre-turning unit: brass ø 11 mm, steel ø 7 mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness with pre-turning unit: 6.5 mm for brass