Reactive Services 
for optimal customer experience

As a machine manufacturer, we understand the importance of timely and effective support when issues arise.

That's why we have developed a comprehensive suite of reactive services to optimize your customer experience.

From our responsive help desk to our innovative augmented connection platform, our services are designed to identify root causes and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing you with the best in reactive solutions.


Efficient Solutions for Technical Problems

As a valued customer, you can rely on our responsive help desk for technical problem-solving.

Our dedicated machine type experts are available for emergency services, and our four service centers around the world ensure prompt assistance. 24/7 assistance or similar packages are available on request.

Our services include:

  • Telephone support for solving technical problems
  • Help with identifying spare parts
  • Dispatching one of our service technicians if necessary

Contact us for fast assistance.

Remote Diagnostics

Quick and Accurate Remote Diagnostics

Mikron Service Solutions is offering a new “miRemote” package (remote support management system). Regardless of the location of your machine, our service engineers can access and check all relevant machine status information in a matter of seconds. The “miRemote” connection allows you to check all relevant 
information, statuses, failures, etc. and perform diagnostics and solve most of your software problems, remotely.

Connect at any time and from anywhere

Our free remote diagnostic service is available during the warranty period, and other options can be requested.

Our services include

  • Identifying root causes through remote diagnostics
  • Continuous improvement through performance optimization
  • Instant access to machine specialists
  • Secured access for suppliers (loader and peripheries)
  • General maintenance of the “miRemote”:
  • Regular hardware upgrade
  • Regular software upgrade

Your Benefits

  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Your machine operator has the capability to access the machine at any time and from anywhere
  • Access to machine diagnostics
  • Increase support coverage globally without onsite interventions
  • No technicians’ travel costs
  • Reduction of billed working hours
  • Shorter reaction time
  • Access to latest security standards
  • Capability to manage your machine data if equipped with miS4.0

Request free remote diagnostics.

Augmented Connection

Revolutionize Your Maintenance with Augmented Connection

Our real-time visual collaboration technology enhances remote diagnostics and resolutions of mechanical and electrical failures, providing our service engineers with an immediate understanding of the problem.

Augmented features such as step-by-step instructions and tutorials enable our service engineers to support your operators or maintenance agents in a professional manner, sending real-time instructions on how to solve or improve machine conditions.

By wearing "hand-free" smart glasses or using smartphones/tablets, your operators can easily connect with Mikron specialists and resolve or improve machine conditions faster, avoiding long machine downtime and on-site interventions.

Our services include

  • Step-by-step instruction,  during e.g. maintenance tasks, tutorials, etc.
  • Online training, step-by-step instructions and production support and assistance
  • Parts recognition to easily buy spare parts

Contact us for augmented support

Service Assignment

Global On-Site Support for Your Business Needs

Our pool of specialized field service engineers and technicians is available worldwide to support you on-site.

With well-selected partnerships, we cover regions where we have no facilities in order to offer you worldwide first-level support with faster reaction times.

Our services include

  • Corrective services and issue resolution
  • Maintenance services and continuous improvement 
  • Production support for production ramp up or efficiency increase

We are dedicated to providing you with the best reactive solutions for your machine needs.

Contact us to experience the best in responsive services and optimized customer experience. Increase uptime with us.

Customer Service Contacts

Customer Service
China, Shanghai

Mikron Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd - China

Building 4, No.2033 Husong Road
Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
Postal Code: 201601

Phone +86 1592 1577 050

Customer Service
Switzerland, Agno

Mikron Switzerland AG, Agno Division Machining

Via Ginnasio 17
6982 Agno

Phone +41 91 610 61 61
Fax +41 91 610 66 81

Office hours: 08.00 – 17.30

Customer Service
Germany, Rottweil

Mikron Germany GmbH

Berner Feld 71
78628 Rottweil

Phone +49 741 5380 200
Fax +49 741 5380 380

Office hours: 07.30 – 17.00

Customer Service
USA, Monroe

Mikron Corp. Monroe

200 Main Street
P.O. Box 268
USA-Monroe, CT 06468

Phone +1 203 261 31 00
Fax +1 203 268 47 52

Office hours: 7.30am-5.00pm EST

Customer Service
USA, Monroe

24h Service line

Outside office hours
Problem reports 24 h, 7 days a week
Phone +41 91 610 63 26

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