Machining for the Automotive Industry

Machining for the Automotive Industry

In the past years auto parts manufacturing has changed like never before.

The rise of electric cars forced OEMs and auto parts manufacturers to reinvent their business model. More and more nations are planning to ban cars with combustion engines within the next few years.  

The automotive industry must adapt to this trend, production processes adjust to the new technology. All the more since further technological advancements like autonomous driving will further push.

Specific optimized mechanical and customized CNC machining solutions must be established – at the same time, production for vehicles with traditional combustion engines must continue efficiently.

Manufacturing Car Parts with Precision Machining

Mikron’s high performance and precision automotive machining systems support auto companies worldwide to achieve and maintain a leading position in the auto market – however dynamic it proves to be.

Our mechanical and CNC rotary transfer machines with up to 24 stations and 44 working units machining simultaneously can process variable production batch sizes.

Currently Mikron’s most frequently installed automotive machining systems encompass five rotary transfer machines – all highly precise and accurate, perfect for auto parts that are inherently intricate and complex, therefore require tight tolerances.

Mikron Multistar is particularly profitable for companies that want to produce large quantities of auto parts.

It offers full CNC or mechanically actuated versions. The machine system is available with from one to four simultaneous circles, with a capacity of up to 150 parts/min in single-cycle operation.

Complete machining in one single clamping starting from a cut-off profile is also possible.

Small Precision Auto Components

Mikron’s manufactured small precision parts include components like EV chargers, EV brakes and ABS units.

Brake and safety components, steering parts, connectors as well as air conditioning parts are some more examples for Mikron’s manufactured electric vehicle components automotive parts.

Of course, we continue to support and improve our machining solutions for conventional vehicles with combustion engines. Typical applications include injection parts, rocker arms or turbo charger parts.

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