Manufacturing of Writing Tips

Mikron Machining’s past is closely linked to the history of the ballpoint pen. Since the early stages of the ballpoint pen, Mikron has developed machinery for the stationery industry to make writing tips and to assemble refills.

200,000,000 ball pen tips are produced daily on Mikron machines – 95 % of all tips worldwide. These figures show Mikron’s unchallenged leadership in this sector. The workpieces are machined on Mikron Multistar high-speed rotary transfer machines at a very high rate and with excellent accuracy based on the most demanding quality requirements.

The automatic production line made by Mikron covers the complete range of tip manufacturing, from pre-machining equipment to the final testing machine: 

Wire cutting machine

The Mikron TR-42 wire cutting machine is used for pre-machining wire metal by straight shearing, in order to prepare blanks.

It is often advantageous to use Mikron wire processing machines to manufacture small blanks, as this can increase the output rate on downstream transfer machines in the manufacturing process. 

Tip manufacturing with a rotary transfer machine

Ballpen tips, whether made from brass, nickel-silver or stainless steel are efficiently produced on the highly productive Mikron Multistar LX-24 machine.

With its 24 workstations and up to 44 working units the rotary transfer machine is the guarantor for a smooth mass production. This highly exceptional solution enables machining writing tips from below and above.

In fact, most leading ballpoint pen brands use writing tips produced on Mikron equipment.

Automatic test writer

The Automatic Test Writer (Mikron ATW-10) is used to test the writing quality of cartridges and reservoirs.

The equipment tests simultaneously ten refills in different writing angles between 60º and 90º. The recording mechanism enables the "writing distance" to be read off in meters by means of a recording instrument directly connected to the paper feed.

Discover the precision and attention to detail that goes into every pen tip made on Mikron machines. 

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