Mikron TF-120

Wire cutting machine

The wire cutting machine Mikron TF-120 is a highly efficient pre-processing solution for straightening and sawing wire material.

It is specially designed for the production of prefabricated small blanks to achieve a higher output rate on the transfer machines in the downstream process.

Mikron’s wire cutting machine Mikron TF-120 can be paired with a pre-turning unit.
This enables additional shaping elements such as notches – useful in industries that require intricate wire components with specific shapes and dimensions.

With its advanced features and precision cutting capabilities, the Mikron TF-120 wire cutting machine provides businesses with an efficient pre-machining equipment for wire cutting operations.


  • Production: 
    • without pre-turning unit up to 200 parts per minute, 
    • with pre-turning unit up to 50 parts per minute
  • Maximum cutting length: 80mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness:  
    • without pre-turning unit: brass ø 11mm, steel ø 7mm
    • with pre-turning unit: ø  6.5mm for brass 


  • Improved productivity and output: Ability to cut up to four parts simultaneously
  • Capability to combine with a pre-turning unit for further shaping elements
  • Streamlined production process
  • Time and effort savings
  • Versatility: Ability to handle a wide range of wire materials
  • Integrated solution with the Mikron Multistar for direct loading of pre-machined parts into subsequent production lines.


The Mikron TF-120 wire cutting machine is suitable for a variety of industries  

Streamline your pre-machining operations with the versatile and precise Mikron TF-120 wire cutting machine. Reach out to us to see how we can support you!