Pharma / Medtech

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device manufacturing requires two essential factors – high precision and high-quality material processing.

Patients who rely on artificial joints or dental implants expect to live their lives without feeling any difference from before. Surgeons, doctors, and dentists need medical devices that are easy and safe to use for themselves and their patients.

At our company, we work closely with our customers to develop medical machining solutions that improve patient conditions and hospital outcomes sustainably.

Our machines produce medical devices for various medical industries, and for different applications, such as dialysis pump elements, bone screws and bone plates, surgical needles, and dental devices.

Mikron’s medical machines

Multistar CX-24, Mikron VX-12 and also Mikron Multistep XT-200 are particularly popular with our medical customers.

These highly productive machines are able to manufacture a wide range of medical devices in high volumes thanks to their parallel working stations. 

Mikron Multistar CX-24

Mikron Multistar CX-24 with a table indexing accuracy  of ± 2.5 μm and up to 44 simultaneous machining units on 24 stations guarantees also a very high production rate. It is an excellent choice for producing medical devices that require precision and speed.

Mikron VX-12

If you are looking to link your medical production to a pre-processing unit, the Mikron VX‑12 could be the right choice for you.

Mikron VX-12 allows efficient preparation of materials by pre-machining out of cycle, parallel to the main process time, directly on the wire or bar stock prior to cutting.

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