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Machining solutions for the consumer goods industry


Are you searching for machining solutions that can help you optimize your production process and enhance your product quality in the highly competitive consumer goods industry?

Look no further than Mikron.

Mikron’s advanced machining systems for consumer goods manufacturers are designed to tackle the various challenges in the industry:

  • Dealing with a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes in consumer goods manufacturing
  • Balancing the need for speed and efficiency with the need for precision and quality
  • Meeting the specific design and aesthetic requirements of consumer goods
  • Managing the challenges of high-volume production of consumer goods
  • Incorporating new materials and technologies to improve consumer goods performance and functionality.

Our transfer solutions offer high output rates of up to 22,000 pieces/hour with optimal process efficiency, achieved through 6 to 24 stations depending on your manufacturing needs. Additionally, these systems are equipped with precise deburring capabilities that minimize the risk of damage or malfunction to your workpieces.

Moreover, our machining solutions are capable of machining entire parts in a single operating cycle, which increases efficiency and helps you reach your production goals faster.

Specialized Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Mikron offers specialized solutions for various areas. Our expertise and technology can support your manufacturing needs in the watch industry, eyewear, bike, and refrigerators sectors. 

Learn more about our capabilities and how we can assist your business in the consumer goods industry.

Watch parts manufacturing

We have many years of experience in the economical production of various watch components, such as watch plates and bridges, cases, crowns, and screws.

Our machining solutions for watchmaking include:

  • The economical production of watch plates and bridges, watch bracelet components, cases, crowns, and screws
  • Precision machining with advanced CNC capabilities, enabling you to produce high-quality machined components for watches quickly and efficiently, with tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes

Whether you need to manufacture small or large quantities of watch parts, our  extensive experience in consumer goods manufacturing can help you enhance product quality and reduce the overall production time and costs.

Let us help you take your watchmaking business to the next level.

Spectacle components processing

As with the manufacture of most consumer goods, precision is key when machining components for eyewear.

For spectacle parts and components for glasses we use most frequently Mikron VX-12 systems, a Full CNC high-precision rotary transfer machine.

This multi-station machine allows us to achieve very tight tolerances and consistent results – a necessary condition for producing high-quality and precise eyewear components such as hinges and spring boxes.

Mikron VX-12 can also handle variable production lot sizes. Whether you need a small batch of custom spectacle components for a boutique eyewear line or a large order of standardized parts for a major brand, we can meet your needs without compromising quality and precision.

From custom designs to standard components, we have the right machining solutions for eyewear parts that not only look great, but also feel comfortable.

Reach out to us and learn how our machining solutions can support your eyewear business.

Manufacturing bike parts

The global bicycle market is expanding rapidly, with a growing demand for high-quality bike parts and components.

As concerns for the environment and health consciousness rise, more people are switching to bicycles as a sustainable mode of transportation. This trend is driving the need for high-volume production of bicycle parts, including those for road, mountain, touring, hybrid, and ebikes.

With our high performance production solutions, we produce millions of bike parts annually, ensuring our customers can keep up with the demands of the growing bicycle market.

Our Mikron Multistar LX-24 fast transfer system is specifically designed for small precision parts in high volumes, to deliver the best cost per part ratios while increasing part quality.

It is therefore perfectly suited for highest volume parts like bicycle nipples.

We also provide customized machining solutions for ebike motor covers to support the growing trend towards eco-friendly transportation.

Whether you need custom bicycle spoke nipples for a specialized application or standardized parts for a large-scale production run, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your needs.

Let us help you manufacture high-quality bike parts with our advanced machining services.

Machining refrigerator compressor parts

Mikron Machining offers the ideal machining solution for manufacturing refrigerator compressor components:

  • Clamp with extra jaw movement to cover a range of different outside diameters of piston parts, ensuring simple and rapid changeover
  • Tool lubrication for optimum cutting conditions and best surface quality
  • No subsequent lapping (honing) required in many cases

Value-Added Services for Comprehensive Component Manufacturing Solutions

In addition to our machining capabilities, we also offer a range of value-added services, including remote diagnostics and tool monitoring, to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution for their component manufacturing needs.

With our focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have become a trusted partner for manufacturers around the world.

Partner with us: Join forces with a trusted and experienced consumer goods manufacturing partner. Let us help you take your business to the next level with precision and efficiency.